How to Gain High Score and 3 Stars in Home Boov Pop iPhone

As said from the review from the previous post, Home: Boove Pop can be categorized into a match-3 puzzle game with a physics twist where you will be assigned to connect the colorful bubbles to make them pop.

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When playing this game, try to pop more bubbles in one chain
Here, the super bubbles will be left behind, and you will score more points
In line with this, you must try to make sure each move counts

You can then use super bubbles for completing the main objectives or if you need to reach a quota of a specific type of bubble you can go them for reaching buried away bubbles

When trying to pop a long chain, the super bubbles will be emitting a pulse either horizontally or vertically.
And, tapping the super bubble or popping it in a chain will shoot out a beam, that will be popping everything in its path.

Once reaching the 5th level, you will see rainbow bubbles that you can use them in a chain, as they can match any other color next to them.

Then, you can continue this chain if you include another rainbow bubble
And, if there is only a few bubbles of a different color next to them, just save them as they are sandwiched in between two big groups of bubbles.
Always remember that rainbow bubbles will not pop when they are caught in the blast of a super bubble.

In this game, you will not need to connect everything in a straight line
For such reasons, you can simply swipe your finger over them without letting go then the game will include it in your chain.
You can try to make big chains by connecting everything

After gaining level 16 in this game, you can unlock and utilize your first character ability where you can choose a bubble
Using this will make every other bubble of that same color on the board pop immediately, regardless of their location.
Moreover, using these abilities will help you in a pinch as well

In addition, when getting left over moves, you will get bonus points based on how many you have left. And, these leftover bubbles will turn into super bubbles, that will provide you more points
Therefore, you have to try to be as efficient as possible with your moves when playing in each level


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