How to Gain High Points Medals Flappy-A Replica of the Original Bird Game iPhone

Flappy – A Replica of the Original Bird Game from Denislav Kochev can be said as a replica of Flappy Bird which is recently popular on the App Store

flappy a replica of the original bird game walkthrough ios android

This will merely get you to bounce your bird as far as you can while scoring up points as high as possible.

In this game, your bird will jump a bit more slowly, and it will fall downward a little bit more slowly
Therefore, you will merely let your ball fall down below the level of the pipe’s mouth before bouncing it back up.

And, if you have a high pipe with a low pipe coming right after it, you can get through the high pipe, then you can start your drop as fast as you can
If you can do so well, you can make it to the low pipe without smashing your head on the overhead pipe.

When guiding your bird, you must tap the bird perfectly level within around 90 BPM, or around one and half times every second.
Just do tap it at said speed until you shift upwards or downwards
It is caused by tapping at this rhythm will make the bird go forward and it makes it easier to adjust it when it is needed.

As said earlier, your main objective in this game is to make high scores
Anytime you get 10 points, you will be rewarded with a bronze medal
Getting 20 points will make you get a silver medal.
And, if you can get 30 points, you will get a gold medal
Later on, getting 40 points will grant you a platinum medal.

In addition, in the way of gaining high score and a platinum medals, you will have to keep your tapping rhythm along the game


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