How to Gain High Points for New Hat in Wrassling iPhone

Wrassling is a king of wrestling game for the iOS and Android platforms where all you will do is to wrestle an endless amount of comers out of the ring.

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Your main objective in this game is to score as many points as possible that you can do by throwing wrestlers out of the ring for one point apiece.
So, all you will need to do is to fight defensively for having a score high points.

To do so, just speed around the ring, be quick and fast, and as the ring fills up with wrestlers
At the same time, you can use their own force and momentum against each other.
Just try to push them around and let them push each other out of the ring for points.

When doing your action on the ring, you can try holding the jump button and use an extra powerful arm spin.
Here, jumping is generally far too risky and it will lead you to get thrown out of the ring a whole lot more easily.
Also, you can simply stay on the ground as much as possible.

This game will also few quests to complete that you can do by doing a certain action, such as throwing X amount of wrestlers out of the ring or scoring a point while wearing a hat.
Every time, you can beat a quest, you will earn a new hat.
In order to get more new hats in this game, you can simply go to the Unlock list and watch a free advertisement video for getting a new hat.

Every ten points you have made, you will deal with a boss wrestler.
When dealing with them, the stage will sway back and forth or the turnbuckles dropping to the ground, which will make it tougher to survive against their attacks.
To beat the bosses, you can simply use the other wrestlers’ momentum against them.

If you are thrown out, try to jump in mid air
If you can do it well enough you can end up landing back inside of the ring and go for beating them again.

To do this, just try to hit the jump button over and over while you are either on the turnbuckle or just outside of it
And, you can try to aim yourself towards going back into the ring.
With the right aim, you can try to use your arms that will make you pull yourself back into the ring for more actions.


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