How to Find All Gold Emblems in Star Wars Rebels Recon Missions iPhone

Disney has brought Star Wars Rebels Recon Missions where you will be tasked to guide a rebel hero Ezra Bridger through a 2D platforming adventure to fight back against the Empire, save more people, and build Haven into one piece again

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Along the way, you will have to collect some gold emblems in each level
In line with this, you will have to find three hidden gold emblems in each level.
To find all three gold emblems is key that will get you to unlocking upgrades and additional facilities back at Haven
Sometimes, you may even find a secret area holding a lot of hope tokens.

Once completing a level, the civilian that you have saved will be transported to Haven.
There, you can then find them and talk to them.
Be sure to give them enough hope tokens, as they will give you rewards in form of an ability unlock for Ezra or a health upgrade.

After helping the first civilian you rescue, you can unlock Ezra’s first ability, that is Rapid Fire.
Always check a Focus bar underneath your health bar as every time you beat an enemy, the focus bar will go up a little bit.

Once it is getting full, Rapid Fire will activate, in which it will greatly increase Ezra’s rate of fire.
And, if you take damage the bar will drop slightly.
So, you can try to get focus tokens to fill your focus bar to maximum.

And, because of accomplishing a level, you will be rewarded with a structure that you can use to rebuild Haven, in which you will simply put the buildings down wherever.
Here, you will notice that there is a percentage at the top right corner of the screen, and if you put something down it will go up.
In accordance with this, it is a kind of your general completion rate towards building Haven.

When going to battle with some villains in the battlefield, make sure to keep shooting
At this point, you can move while shooting your gun.
Doing this will be handy to dodge incoming projectiles launched by enemies
Just look at indicators for off-screen enemies.

Also, you will be able to attack from afar, and they will not retaliate you so just try to keep yourself in one piece along the game



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