How to Farm More Gems in Country Friends iPhone

Gameloft has now launched Country Friends, a farm management game on the apple store
In this game, you will be assigned to construct a farm filled with cute little farm animals, to fill orders that you can sell to improve your farm for even bigger one.

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Similar to other recent farm management games, this game offers plenty of challenges which will get you to overcome to get your farm in proper working order.

Playing this game will get you to finish building or growing your business, where you will do something like gardening.
In other words, you will plant something, do a few more errands, and wait for a while to get every processed complete as its own

Afterwards, you can then come back to pick up the things that are ready to go, and queue up more things to visit and complete.

In line with this, before signing out the game, be sure to pack your production facilities’ queues up.
It is caused by some items will need a long time to generate
For such reasons, while you are out of the game it will be better to let the game idly generate them.

Thus, when you come back, you will get the building completed which will give you more resources to gather up.

Anyway, the queues are only 5-10 minutes to wait
So, just fill them up, close the game, and find something else to do.

On the other side, you will also have to collect some resources which you can work together at the community farm
By doing so, you will get more resources together to improve your own farm.
Your community can also share resources with you, so that you can buy and sell resources with other players as well.

As usual, this game will feature gems as the premium currency
In accordance with this, this game often gives you some rewards for free which you can get in any other ways

Sometimes, you will see balloons containing mysterious gift which often pops up when you are logging in the game or during the gameplay

If you see such balloons, just tap on them to pop them so that you can collect the little rewards inside which is in form of a few gems
So, if you want to get more gems for free, always keep your eyes open at that balloons


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