How to Farm Gold Gems Elixir for Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Updates iPhone

If you are a fan of tower defense game, you may have played Clash of Clans on your phone
This game is the most popular tower defense game which is specifically made for the ios and android

clas of clans th level 11 walkthrough ios android

As you may have know that the newest Town Hall 11 has recently been updated dedicated to all Clash of Clans players worldwide

To deal with such th level, the old strategies will no longer work, especially the town hall outside of the base.

Anyway, you will find that some players may miss the boat and they will have town halls outside of their bases.
In such level, town halls now can hold a lot of loot

In line with this, you can start town-hall sniping other players, especially high-level ones missing the boat
And, you can then try to steal their loot much more quickly while sniping at clan castles as well.

At this point, always consider to put your town hall back inside of your base
Also, make sure to guard them since you are vulnerable to get attacked while you are attacking the others.

On the other side, if you want to be at lower trophies, you can leave it out
However, you will lose a ton of loot because of this circumstance.
Anyway, you can swap your war base in since your main base can make it do that at ease.

Each time, you attack the other`s base, you will increase the rank bonus for elixir, dark elixir and gold
So, just destroy more bases to get more bonus.

When farming gold and elixir in this game, try to find abandoned bases
At this point, just attack and tap next to find abandoned bases while looking for grave stones, blank league labels and loads of trees as the marker of a zombie base.
Zombie bases will give you more loot, and still in the collectors.

Meanwhile, you are also be able to send and get spells from your clan castles
And, these spells will not take up any space which would have been assigned to troops.
Thus, you can try to put spell requests out there and get your clan to send you some additional troops
Here, higher level upgrades will come to more room for spells.

When you are in the way to upgrade to the Level 11 Town Hall, be sure to purchase the two new items
One is the Eagle Artillery, since it is the new most powerful defender in the game
Plus, consider to get the Grand Warden, as this is the game’s third character.

Later on, you must work them into the defense of your base
Also, make sure to watch attack replays which will give a new strategy to where you can best apply them.

When farming loot in this update, the attacking no longer automatically makes your shield go away.
In accordance with this, you will lose three hours off of your shield.
It means that losing your town hall will no longer make your shield come up again

And, you may have to lose half of your base to get the basic shield
Thus, if the enemy sends in less than half of their army, you will not still get a shield for your town hall for a period of time.


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