How to Earn Unlimited Gold Coins in Crossy Road iPhone

Crossy Road is now becoming the favorite game on the apple store and the Google Play store
This frogger sensation has brought the new retro pixel game that arouse your attention to pass each level with certain characters that you can unlock once completing some levels

crossy road more characters unlock ipad android

This game features coins as the main currency of the game
For such reasons, you can try to apply wacky trick that lets you get unlimited coins without any hacks or anything cheat application.

To start getting them, you can firstly get the free gift pooping up around every six hours or more.
Secondly, to get more coins, you can simply hit the “Earn” button whenever you see it
Then, you will actually collect coins when you see them lying around stages.

On the other side, to earn more coins, you merely watch an advertisement video, then close it out in order to collect the coins.
Instead of playing, just close out the app, then reload it again.
Afterward, you can try playing a round, then die, and you can continue to watch a video to earn coins that will pop up immediately again.

You can do this as many times as you want to earn some coins and applying this trick will be extremely fast to earn them.

Meanwhile, the game will sometimes run out of videos to show you for the time being.
When you find that circumstance, you can go back to play the game the way that you normally would until the next time that a video comes out to watch.

In accordance with this, you can just wait for about an hour or so then play the game again.
By the time that hour passes, you will get the full load of videos reloaded to the game, so that so you can start watching promotional videos again.


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