How to Earn Some More Chips Coins in myVEGAS Slots iPhone

PlayStudios has given free casino game which allows you to get a chance to collect free rewards from popular resort and entertainment partners, such as Bellagio, ARIA, MGM Grand, Cirque du Soleil, and Wolfgang Puck in myVegas Slots Free Las Vegas Casino game

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In related to this reward, you can get buffet vouchers for 1 or 2 or bogo.
To get dinner buffets will need high cost as the highly regarded Bellagio buffet is the most expensive of all.
Here, if you stay at the hotel hosting the buffet, you can get the prize with fewer loyalty points.

Along the game, you will be served with a lot of cheap prizes such as free drinks or free appetizers at restaurants.
If you have used the majority of your chips on something else, you may squeeze one of these in.

On the other side, the big ticket items will come to chartered cruises, a night of DJing, VIP club access and a wedding package at the MGM chapel.

Throughout the game, you will rely on chips to continue playing in later stages and to earn loyalty points that you can use later on.

In order to get more bonuses you can try playing this game on the computer using your Facebook account.
And, you can also play this game on your mobile device, in which both accounts will feed the same loyalty points total but the chips are separate so you will have 2 revenue streams here.

At early stage, you will get to spin the wheel that will come to a starting bonus.
In the way of getting another spin of the wheel which will reward you either chips or loyalty points, make sure to play this game in daily basis.

After playing this game for few stages, you will level up, and your daily spins get a multiplier that increases with your level.
So of you play for more, you will get more rewards.

Here, your friends on Facebook will give you an advantage to give you some coins.
In line with this, be sure to make more friends, as you will get higher multiplier on the daily spin.

Also, you can give and accept gifts of chips with friends that makes a big difference early on.
Moreover, if you join Facebook groups related to this game, it will help you in collecting more friend that will come to more gifts and bonuses as well.

Once starting to play this game, always remember that you are not blocking emails from myVegas as they will sometimes send out bonus chips for you to collect.

Since your friends collect jackpots, they will sometimes share it on your Facebook feed so that you can get coins just for clicking on that post.
For such reasons, if you have a lot of time on your hands, this will be a good reference to collect more bonuses.

On the Facebook version, you will also build up the strip that will generate chips and loyalty points.
In addition, if you want to get more and more extra spin bonus, be sure to log in every 4 hours on your phone.


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