How to Earn Rubies in Guardian Stone Second War iPhone

Guardian Stone: Second War from NHN Entertainment is a kind of unique mobile RPG which features the combination of active time battle systems and unique methods of selecting special moves, making for a surprisingly engaging battle system for the iOS and Android devices.

guardian stone second war walkthrough ios android

Similar to any mobile RPGs out there, you will collect and choose a bunch of different characters to create a unique party.

In this game, that different moves and characters will come along with different elements such as stellar, lunar or solar.

Stellar is strong against lunar
Lunar is strong against solar
Solar is strong against stellar

Thus, remember when targeting specific enemies for the attacks with a specific elemental attached to them.

During the battle, you will be able to use the special moves to kick off a battle so that you can do massive damage
Here, you can deliver the moves with splash damage to the enemies

After reaching level 10 you can unlock the auto-battle mode.
There, you can farm more gold coins by replaying in old battles
Besides, you can also gain more experience points for your heroes which will level them up much more quickly.

On the other side, you can also go to complete a new quest for making gold coins and gaining experience points for your heroes

Runes in this game can be said as the equipment for your guardians
And, matching the right runes with the right guardians will greatly increase their stat potential.

Meanwhile, guardian shards can also be used to make new guardians in the shine
For such reasons, try grinding levels and doing special events to rack those up as well.

In addition, having a two star guardian can power up your entire party
At this point, you must try to complete all three trophies per level of a particular stage
As a result, completing those trophies will grant you the stage’s two-star guardian as a reward.

Later on, just do this for one stage to another and load up on two star guardians to get the most powerful party ever

As usual, this game will feature gold coins and rubies as the main currencies
To get gold coins, you will have to complete some quests

Anyway, rubies can be categorized into the premium currency of this game
And, getting such currency may be hard to get
If you want to get them for free, just make sure to be a champion of each battle in this game
Alternatively, you can watch the ad videos to get them fore free as a reward


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