How to Earn More Silver Pucks in NHL Hockey Target Smash Android

Concrete Software Inc will get you to smash your way to the Stanley Cup which is in a casual, fun, target shooting in its newest game, NHL Hockey Target Smash that you can play it on the go

nhl hockey target smash walkthrough ios android

If you have played a similar game like Patrick`s Kane Arcade Hockey game on iPhone, you will have to try to taste this game where you can shatter targets and gain high scores so that you will be able to take down NHL opponents head-to-head and play your way through multiple seasons.

Later on this game, you will be able to unlock an arsenal of pucks and sticks like The Reaper and the Frost Edge to dominate and win the competition.

Along the game, you will have to snipe your targets that you can do with a quick flick or blast through them along with a powerful slap shot.

During in the game play, you will have to rack up points and bonuses so that you can keep your goal streak alive over three periods.

Throughout the game, you will be allowed to make your own hockey legend while playing for any of the 30 NHL teams along with 60 uniforms.
In the mean time, you can also dominate the league and guide your team to win the most coveted trophy in that you can play it in endless season, playoffs, and the Stanley Cup game modes

Early on this game, you have to make your own character, select a team, name, number, then pick up and play flick shooting controls
Once playing this game for a while, you will be able to unlock custom sticks, pucks, and item bundles then you can go to shoot past goalies and defense men

To play this game, you will simply swipe up to shoot, swipe toward the target, swipe fast for a wrist shot and try to get more shots in less time.

Meanwhile, swipe down then up for a powerful slap shot in which doing this well will break ice targets
At this point, you need to do some slap shots or powerful sticks for some targets.
In line with this, you can make your own experiment with sticks and pucks to get more points and perks that you can save your progress into your Facebook account.

On the other side, this game features silver pucks as the premium currency of this game
With this gold, you can purchase any items that you will need to give different look for your character

In line with this, in the way of getting extra silver pucks in this game, you can play in single mode where you will be tasked to make a lot of goals within a period of time
Moreover, every time you make a goal and hit ice steak in each session, you will be rewarded with some points and some silver pucks as your bonus


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