How to Earn More Money in Munchie Farm iPhone

Eastside Games has brought a harvesting game with a delicious twist to the apple store
This game is called as Munchie Farm, where you have to grow munchies from a variety of insanely awesome plants, from Cookie Bushes, Nacho Trees to Wiener Bushes

munchie farm walkthrough ios android

Munchie Farm can be said as a delicious free-to-play game, in which you will sometimes need some items that you can purchase in the iaps

Early on this game, you will see that wasps will come to feed off of your plants often.
In line with this, you can leave wasps on your plants to reduce the plants happiness
In order to get rid of them in a quick time, you can simply drag the swatter over the plant to splat them.

When splatting a wasp, you will earn some goodies, in form of experience points, storage items, and even fertilizer

In line with this, the wasps will come fairly often, so all you will need to do is simply to listen for that “swipe” noise.
Then, while waiting around for your plants to grow, you can have your hands full swatting away wasps for having more freebies.

On the other side, harvesting a plant will get you a quick rundown of all the applicable bonuses.
The 3 growth sources are your plant’s happiness, light bonus, and water bonus.
To make it happen, you will simply keep them happy by watering them at the right time
Also, if you let your plant go without water, it will be less happy.
Besides, the second and third factors are your light bulbs and waterers as they will be your passive bonuses.
So, just upgrade the light bulb and waterer, so that you will have more munchies plant yield.

You will gain experience towards that specific munchie that you can do after harvesting a munchie plant. Once getting exp points, the munchie will level up.
As a result, you will also earn more money from jobs involving that munchie
Moreover, you will also be able to increase the munchie yield.
You can try to cycle through all your munchies for having better results and income.

Furthermore, after going to the third munchie, Jelly Beans, your wait times will shoot up to the hour ranges.
When being in this stage, you must water your plants at specific intervals.
Just make sure to enable notifications for this game, because Uncle Lloyd will tell you important things, such as when a plant is ready to be harvested or if your plant needs watering.

Later on, before tending to your farm, just send out your van to do a job.
It is caused by, completing each job will come to more money
Thus, be sure to look on the job board itself before tapping on the van
There, you will see if you have enough munchies to complete a job.
And, if you see a check mark anywhere on the board, you can fulfill an order at that time

Except completing every job, you must also complete the quests for having some components
Completing Uncle Lloyd’s quests will earn you hoses, wires, boxes, bags, etc.
With such rewards, you can use them to upgrade your facilities that help run your munchie farm.
Also, swatting wasps will earn you some components as well


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