How to Earn More Money in Defend Your Life! Android

Alda Games will let you be a commander in Defend Your Life! which is a kind of the unique tower defense experience game where you will then get a duty to fight for the most precious aspect of human being.

defend your life walkthrough ios android

On the other words, you will be the commander of human body┬┤s sentinels where you will have the main objective that is to clear bacteria and viruses that you can do through the defense system.

Here, dealing with enemy hordes is simple as you have to think tactically, construct and upgrade buildings, reinforce troops, support them with special upgrades and clear the enemy with mighty powers.

Along the game, you will get involved into battlefield which are located in 17 human body organs such as aorta, appendix, stomach and you will fight even in brain.

During the battle, just launch enemy wave earlier so that you can earn additional oxygen.
If you think this is too slow, you can change the speed using the button on the upper part of the screen.

Along the game, you will be able to earn tablets that you can use to purchase various upgrades.
When visiting the Upgrade section, it will be better to take your time and check all the upgrades.
Then, tap on the icon for more info about the desired upgrade.

At this point, you can sell and buy upgrades any time.
Be sure to upgrade every building in the game.
In line with this, doing more upgrades will come to more damage and additional options.

On the other side, you can find occupied platforms in which you should build on these fields like building each tower to get additional attack, range or shooting range.

By using these platforms, you can get a big advantage in battle.
And, adrenaline can be used to support any shooting tower in that the shooting rate will double for a few seconds.

In addition, always build on more advanced platforms in the middle of the map because they will contribute more damage and attack range to your towers.

Later on, every time you can accomplish each objective, you will be rewarded with money and health
Sometimes you will also collect diamonds as the main currency of this game


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