How to Earn More Gold in Top Gear Drift Legends iPhone

Rush Digital Interactive has launched Top Gear: Drift Legends on the apple store as a new car racing game which will take you to jump in with Top Gear, The Stig and iconic cars from the show

top gear drift legends walkthrough ios android

In line with this, this game is all about speed, style, and smoke in which you can play in 2 difficulty modes, Arcade for the novices and Sim for the serious driftmeisters.

Besides, you will also be brought to go through 25 tracks in 5 countries from Formula Slide USA, Europe Drift Series, Japan Super Dori, Australian Outback D Champs to New Zealand Drift Series.

Later on, once progressing through some tracks and levels, you will be allowed to unlock cars, each with their own authentic oversteer physics, power, and counter-steer feel.

Similar to some racing games out there, if you use the gas pedal while making a drift it gives you more maneuverability.

On the other side, you can counter steer into a turn to get the best results
Playing this game or any arcade racing games will handle most of the drifting physics so that doing a cornering will get you to feel more like a normal car than it actually is.

At this point, this game, Drift Legends is all about the drift
And, this game will present a more demanding control scheme to make you actively try and swing the rear of your car around a corner.

Before going into the real competition, just make sure to learn and master steering away from the apex of a turn
If you can do this well, you will get a much better angle to perform a drifting so that you can do more easily perfect your runs in this game.

When performing your action, it will be better to see a minimap in the top corner which can give you a sense of the course in the moment

Besides, you can truly learn a course by watching flyovers
And, driving through a few times there can really help you develop the perfect lines which will get you to drift across the finish collect gold as your reward.


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