How to Earn More Gold in Rise of Mythos iPhone

Kongregate has launched a fresh combination of collectible card, tower defense, and RTS bundled in one pack of Rise of Mythos where you will have your armies to command at your fingertips

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At the beginning of the game, you will have to learn the basic stats of each hero in this game
Those heroes can be classified into classes such as warrior, mage, priest, ranger and elite

Warrior is hero that will strengthen units and directly inflict damage on enemies.
Mage can master the elemental and area of effect skills
Priest can protect units with healing and defense spells
Ranger can attack enemy units with status effects
Elite team can control one of each elite creature at a time.

Here, you will be able to mix and match more than 1500 troops, then play through over 60 story stages and 70 levels of the grueling Ascension Tower for collecting rare units and rewards including gold and gems as the main currency of this game

Later on, one unit from your deck will be added to your collection at the end of each turn and some of them have better movement or range.
And, this number will decrease by 1 each turn.

On the other side, creatures will have a base move of 2 and a base attack range of 2 as well.
Furthermore, you can also summon a creature with ability Vigilance to protect you in which such creatures with Vigilance agility can attack enemies around them.

After going through some stages in this game, you will be allowed to join a Guild, make Friends then take on the Bosses of the Challenge Hall in the PvP arena.
There, you can also climb up the rankings and you can earn the rare cards pack as rewards

In daily basis, you will be able to gather up Silver and Crystal from your City Hall then you should upgrade your City Hall to increase your daily Taxes amount.

In the way of collecting in this game, all you will do is battling with enemies then complete mission or quest given in this game


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