How to Earn More Gold Coins in Raids of Glory iPhone

Chillingo has allowed you to build a mighty gang of fearless pirates where you will be brought to explore the seven seas and collect all the gold and valuable skulls in its newest game, Raids of Glory

raids of glory strategy guides iphone android

This game is a real-time strategy game where you are in charge of building your own pirate stronghold then trying to be the most glorious gang in the land

After starting to play this game for a while, you will be provided with the maximum amount of gold you can hold at once is only 1000 gold coins.

Later on, you will have to upgrade your gold storage as fast as you can.
Here, when reaching a level 2 in this game, your gold storage will increases your capacity to a whopping 7000 gold, in which you should keep all your storage buildings upgraded as much as possible.

In the way of collecting more rewards in form of gold, you have to try complete daily missions of the little clipboard at the bottom right that you should check and collect your achievement rewards.
Completing daily missions will give you a goal of some sort to fulfill.
Moreover, if you can complete as many of them, you will be provided with valuable skulls, which is the premium currency of the game.
This game will give you new missions every day, so you must check back later

Furthermore, if you want to get more gold in this game, you can repair a run-down lighthouse somewhere on your island for 1500 gold
Because of this, you can unlock player versus player matches, and gang options.
Also, joining a gang will give you an advantage as you can get helped if you are raided by other players

In line with this game, every type of unit delivers double damage against a specific kind of enemy or structure.
As an illustration, your starting Scallywags will have double damage against resource buildings, such as gold and rum storage buildings.
Also, Scoundrels that is the first ranged unit which you can unlock will unleash double damage against defensive buildings, such as the rifle towers whereby you have to properly utilize your units

To utilize your units, you can use your units in working together with each other so that you can use them to beat enemy rifle towers as these towers can take out scallywags with 3 or 4 shots
Meanwhile, you must also learn how your units will work together.

At this point, scoundrels can take out towers pretty easily, but they will have even less health than the scallwags.
For such reasons, you can send in a group of scallywags first so that the tower focuses on them, then you can lead your scoundrels come up from behind to take out the tower without retaliation from the tower.

If you can do this well, your units can have great synergy in the right situations, experiment and discover new strategies
So be sure to select one type of unit, mix and deploy your units, as they will be a part of the same squad, whereby you cannot command them individually.

Remember to always make a good defense of your stronghold as the players will eventually try to raid your base.
When constructing your defensive buildings, you have to try to put walls at the beach and place towers around them, so that the enemies take damage while they try to break down your walls.
Plus, do not skimp out on your defense, because if you are taken down, you will lose some of your resources that will be grabbed by your opponents


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