How to Earn More Gold Cash in Business Superstar iPhone

Rapid Turtle Games has a new concept of an absolutely amazing business simulation game or endless clicker called Business Superstar, which is mainly available on ios market

business superstar walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game can be said as a business simulation game all about money, prestige and glory.

Along the game, you will take a role as an entrepreneur, where you will also use strategy and manage your business to grow your corporate empire and to be wealthy man ever

Here, you can also hire assistants when you have all the businesses unlocked, so that you can run your business in automatic

Later on, you must focus on getting the assistants for the best businesses first
In the man time, it will be better not try to complete all the Space Tourism ones first then go to the other, since you will keep losing money this way.
Besides, you have to get them up a level, and keep doing with your same tactic.

Gold is the premium currency of this game that you can get with an other way
In line with this, you can exchange your in-game cash for gold so that every new transaction will be more expensive than the previous one.
You can also earn the gold and cash by progressing through the game

In order to get more free gold, you can simply watch the ad video within every 10 minutes
Every time you do it, you will get 1 gold piece this way
Moreover, you can come for the daily reward to spin the wheel and win a random amount or gold each day. For further, with a bunch of gold that you have collected through the game, you can get the next assistant or investor that will really help you grow your business

Except gold, you can also get some cash by opening a cat in a box in the office
You can use your cash and gold to upgrade your businesses
By purchasing some upgrades, they will increase your profits of gold

Then, you can try to get the gold from the low paying businesses and use it to get assistants for the better paying ones

On the other side, skills will provide you extra XP, that is handy to increase your businessman’s level.
Every time you can complete achievements, you will get a ton of XP

Furthermore, you will have to consider growing your business spending Gold
Each time, your business has grown up, you will also gain some extra XP points as well.

In accordance with this, different continents will have different opportunities when you are about to grow your business
At this point, you can start in Africa or Europe as they are divided into smaller, less expensive regions.

In addition, always consider to take care of your health and productivity since they are great factors to scale up your business
The more health and productivity, the more money and gold you will get.
Thus, just always keep them maxed out at all times that you can do by tapping the kitchen and water when your numbers go down since doing that activity will be free


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