How to Earn More Gold and Juice in Flop Rocket iPhone

Flop Rocket will give a unique addictive and interesting game, that will test your patience and skill to control a rocket through alien-infested caves while collecting some coins along the way

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Anyway, playing this game is not as easy because you have difficult to master controls and elements that are almost always against you.

Your main objective here is to complete strategy guide for the space explorers who want to get that extra distance and an extra fistful of coins.

To get more coins in this game, make sure to get yourself a Butterscotch ID in that after getting it, you will get more coins each time you play.

With some coins you have collected through the game, you can purchase the upgrades and give you a chance to spend some on extra Juice
In line with this, you can also improve your chances of getting away with something from each run and being one step closer to getting into space.

Always check out the missions, then try to complete it the will give you more free Juice.
On the other side, you can spend your coins on purchasing Juice, then invest them in Research to upgrade your game.
Also, you will also use them to order Magnetism, Fuel, Agility and Thrust, the Duck Cannon, Armor and Worm Food as soon as possible.

To play this game, you can try using the steering wheel for as little as possible and work your way up to using it for more advanced maneuvers as you get used with controlling the thruster and managing fuel.

Later on, you can start with the ship slightly tilted to the right, in that it will not go horribly fast to the right and it will not also go up and down either.

At this point, you have to master this first and move on slowly to the steering wheel afterwards
Doing this will allow you to better control the distance covered and truly avoid obstacles, but you should take it slow while preparing for a really steep learning curve

In addition, it will highly be recommended to gather up some power-ups you along the way
You can try using the Power Shield while setting your my ship all the way to the right and go for 2-3 seconds as fast as possible, so that it will blast everything in the way.


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