How to Earn More Gems in World Chef iPhone

Social Point has a good management game or simulation game called World Chef which has been launched on the ios and android markets.

world chef walkthrough ios android

Here, you will start with a humble little restaurant, then fill it with customers and great dish grow your business larger
In this game, you will take a roles as a boss of your restaurant where you will cook world cuisines and build then decorate your restaurant based on your style.

To start your experience, you must always cook something and optimize the cooking process as much as possible
Just make sure to cook the quick dishes such as the basic bread on burgers and collect a few series of those before moving to the more complex dishes that need more time to complete.

Also, you can always stock on ingredients as high as possible in your inventory
In line with this, you can use the market to check the products on offer and purchase the more complex ingredients whenever you need

Also, you can sell any excess food on the Market or work on preparing the most difficult dishes and sell those on the market for a good price to make some extra money in form of gems or coins

On the other side, you will get get different items which will be useful to increase your ingredient storage space, as well as the dish storage space to cook foods and serve them to your customers for coins
At this point, you must upgrade the Dish Storage first if there are common item requirements

Meanwhile, preparing dishes will be a good start for success since you will easily have the dishes needed by your customers.

Later on, you may need to plan ahead and work on getting all the ingredients for the more complex dishes, since these kind of dishes will earn you a lot of money

In accordance with this, you can create a stable supply of basic ingredients and dishes
And, you can always work on preparing the more difficult dishes for making more money gems.

Once completing more stages, you will be rewarded with gems that you can use for anything items you need in the game

You can get those gems by completing achievements and they will be useful to get extra cooking slots at your main stations
With enough gems, you can use them to purchase the Grill to keep up the pace requirements-wise.

After going through some levels in the game, you have to upgrade your restaurant into a world class one to grow your business larger which will earn you extra income in form gems, the premium currency of this game


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