How to Earn More Gems in StormBorn War of Legends iPhone

JuiceBox Games has come to ios and android along with their newest game related to the revolutionary action and strategy RPG called as StormBorn War of Legends

stormborn war of legends walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will lead your heroes such as Fighters, cunning Rogues, mighty Beastmasters, and more and unleash epic battle abilities to the enemies for collecting gold gems and glory.

Early on the game, you will build your own base, recruit heroes, then prepare your unit to attack enemy players

You will then have to level up and enhance your heroes abilities through each battle in the game
In line with this, you are able to use the Archon currency to level up your heroes which you can do by completing quests or building Archon Wells

Be sure to use the Archon currency on training your heroes to level them up since it will increase your heroes power considerably.

Always consider to focus on upgrading your heroes since it will be the only way to power them up before going to battle with the enemies

Moreover, you have to enhance your heroes’ abilities as much as possible that you can do with the gold you have collected from each battle

With a bunch of gold you have collected from there, you can use it to purchase and upgrade buildings as well

Along the game, you must remember to complete quests to get new equipment to be equipped on your favorite heroes

At this point, you must try not to spread your equipment too much
Be sure to only take a few heroes into battle, and focus on them to level them up.

When you are about to invade enemies base, be sure to use your abilities and pick your battles wisely
During in battle you have no control over your heroes when they use their abilities.

In accordance with this, you are able to combo abilities together by using them at the same time so that it will give you an enormous damage boost toward enemies standing in your path
Sometimes, you may try to cast one ability as soon as it is available to instakill all your enemies.

In the online mode, you can battle with millions of other players worldwide for honor, massive loot, and bragging rights

Later on, when you enter battle online, you will get a preview of the opponents you face there.
There, if you are outnumbered or your opponents has high level than yours, you can tap Find New one that will be the same level as yours

Just make sure to always use gold to upgrade your heroes and equipment which will be the key to get your victory at ease.

In addition, you must also think to summon your heroes from the Storm Portal.
To defend your formation, you must train majestic dragons, powerful trolls and other beasts to fight alongside your heroes since they will help you take down the enemies’ defenses


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