How to Earn More Gems in Scrap Force iPhone

Scrap Force can be categorized into a brand new strategy game with RPG elements which seems to be designed specifically for ios platform

scrap force walkthrough ios android

Playing this game is all about to attack enemy and collect gems, the premium currency of this game
When starting this game for the first time, you can try to take out all the enemy heroes first
Do not concentrate on the enemy fort, which seems not to be the best approach.

In the mean time, you can also consider to cause damage to the enemy fort
And, you can also allow your strongest heroes with a strong damage boost to attack other heroes.

When you are about to attack enemies, you should also consider to plan your stratgy and choose the correct order for your heroes’ attacks

As an illustration, if an enemy hero cannot be beaten in one shot, you can attack them with one of your heroes with lower health, to lower their stats a bit, so that you can take them out with a powerful hero who will still have good stats after beating them.

Be sure to take out enemy heroes with your front line, then attack the fort with the back line
At the same time, you can move them around to get the bonuses

Basically, you must have a full row of heroes deployed since it is a good strategy to attack the fort and destroy the enemy heroes there

Take the top priority to destroy the enemy fort fast, so that you will not get the enemy increased the numbers over you
At this point, you can try to have them at only 2-3 heroes deployed each turn whereby it will maximize your chances to get your victory.
Thus, if you have deployed more heroes, you will cause more damage to them

Meanwhile, you must try to manage to fill the board, and consider not to switch lower power heroes with higher ones.

Some heroes in the game will come along with special skills such as Alex who has Rush and he can attack as soon as you have played him.
You can also use Mitch, Nimble, who he can move to any square, and he also gains 10 power each time a friendly Fire hero is deployed.

According to this, all heroes will come along with special skills and boosts in which you must know them first then send them into battle at the perfect moment

During in the battlefield, be sure to place low health heroes behind high health ones whereby you will get bigger chances at surviving heroes at that time.

When battling with enemies, you will be equipped with certain items
In accordance with this, you will get a limited number of items into battle with enemies
Just bring in only items that affect your heroes or enemy heroes and not the forts.
Make sure to use them at the right time to get a major boost and give chances to win the battle.

On the other side, before destroying your enemy`s fort, be sure to cause as much damage to the remaining enemy heroes.
At this point, The Arena will have the Damage reward thing that you can try to fill up as fast as possible which will give you some great rewards

In addition, you can also replay missions to get a bunch of rewards including gems, the premium currency of this game

With a bunch of rewards, you can easily level up your heroes and get better stats.
Also, check out your squad and try to have balance between one heroes to another
Having high damage units here will be a must that will guide you to get a champion at ease

Anyway, if you fill your squad with Heroes that cost 3 and upwards, you might lose each battle since the enemy will get the chance to fill their board up with quick heroes in that moment.


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