How to Earn More Gems in Bakery Story Pastry Shop Android

Storm8 Studios will give you a chance to run your own bakery in top #1 free virtual bakery game, Bakery Story: Pastry Shop specifically designed for android

bakery story pastry shop walkthrough ios android

Similar to the previous bakery game that is called Bakery Story Christmas, you may have to learn several important aspects to running a successful bakery from Cooking Food, Serving Food, Keeping Customers Happy to Customizing Your bakery before starting your business.

Here, you will be able to design the bakery of your dreams and share with your friends
On the other side, you will have to help your customers celebrate delicious pastries around the world that you can realize by decorating your Bakery and crafting special pastry-themed treats

The main point in this game is to have your customers full and satisfied during this new season with your baked goods

Also, you will be assigned to build the perfect, personalized bakery with variety and unlimited creativity

To make your bakery a different look, you may have to decorate with thousands of items, choose tables, chairs, wallpaper, art, and more items that you can purchase on the iap store

To get more bonus in this game, you must get in touch with other bakeries, then you can invite your friends to set up shop right next door and share the secret recipes as well

As usual, this game may feature the currency such as gems or diamonds that you have to gather up along the game
As said earlier, the most important thing is to get your consumers satisfied with your pastry
For such reasons, you will have to make everything in perfect and fast service when serving and treating your incoming consumers

If you can do all of this, you will be rewarded with such currency
Moreover, by helping and visiting your friend`s bakery, you will be given with gems for free


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