How to Earn More Gems Crystals in Gods of Rome iPhone

Gameloft has launched their newest game called as Gods of Rome on the apple store recently
Here, you will be served with a ton of Greek gods as characters to collect and fight with them for gems or crystal and glory

gods of rome walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be an Ascender to summon, upgrade and manage gods, monsters, heroes and other mythical warriors
In other words, you can play with Zeus, Hades, Vulcan, Atlas, Spartacus, Medusa and many more form the most powerful Greek`s heroes

Your main objective here is to battle with enemies, win all battles, complete the campaign and unlock the fighters to create an ultimate team.

Early on the game, you must know and learn your heroes related to their attacks and the affinity bonuses.

In line with this, some heroes will get a bonus from fighting together with other fighters, and some of them have a bonus when fighting against specific characters.

On the other side, the size of the weapons does matter since all attacks will have a more or less limited area of effect
Thus, if you start with the starting hero such as Julius you can completely miss a special attack when you are too far from your target.

For such reasons, just consider to stay close to the opponent and take advantage of your long weapon or attack range
As an illustration, you can simply use the Heavy attack of the Cyclops in many times to get the enemy knocked out at ease

When building your heroes, you will have your team filled with three star fighters and above
And, you need to level up the low characters by investing the small XP boosts in them

Later on, be sure to focus on your better rated characters first since you need solid characters to win fights in the game

Early on the game, you will have to complete story missions twice, which will make you unlock all the possible routes and get all the special rewards.
Besides, you can also replay the older levels to level up your heroes

When battling with enemies, the offense is the best defense
It means that you do need to defend and do it smartly.

Blocking when the opponent unleashes a flurry of attacks can reduce the damage you take
In the mean time, you can also swipe the screen left to withdraw.

When you are about to block Heavy attacks from enemies, just keep an eye on them and simply retreat when they want to unleash that one
You can also dodge a special attack which will save you a lot of damage and give you better chances at striking back and winning the battle

On the other side, you do not really need to have all your fighters running at full health at all times.

At this point, you can sacrifice some of them to make it easier to take out the most difficult enemies.
If your fighter loses in battle, all the damage they have caused will still be there, in which it will make it a lot easier job for the next hero to defeat the enemies there.

In addition, gems is the premium currency of this game which you can collect in any other ways
Generally, you will earn gems by defeating each standing enemies and win the battle in the game

Thus, if you want to take them out fast, you can combo your attack to unleash ultimate strike
Plus, if you do more fights, you will get more xp to level up your hero and gold coins as the rewards



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