How to Earn More Gems Coins in Restaurant Story 2 iPhone

TeamLava has continued to launch the next sequel of Restaurant Story, which is entitled Restaurant Story 2 designed for iphone and android platforms

restaurant story 2 walkthrough ios android

As usual, your main goal here is to manage your restaurant to big and profitable business as well as learning new dishes, designing, and building the restaurant of your dreams
Every time, your restaurant make a good progress of serving consumers, you will earn some coins and gems to expand outward and find out various areas in the rest of the city.

Along the game, you will have to serve your food fast to your consumers
In line with this, you must complete each dish in a fast time that you can do by changing the time on your phone
First of all, just go to the date and time settings then set the time on your phone for few hours or more that yo will need to get your food cooked instantly.
Afterward, you can then go back to the game in which you will get the food that you are trying to cook or sell completed instantly
And, applying this trick will reset the cooldown for any food that you collect from outside.

Anyway, after doing that activity, the server will catch up and reverse by itself
Here, you will still have all of the coins and other pieces of food that you have collected before
Also, the stoves will appear to have been packed up in a box.
After find this, you can try to sell the stove and purchase a new one
Alternatively, you can try to let the time go on its own until the stove reverses itself.

On the other side, you can also get things finished instantly when your friends visit, or strangers visit your restaurant.
At this point, just go to the social area and keep visiting people until you increase your social bar to at least two out of four hearts
Doing this will make your restaurant appear on other people’s social menus, which means you will get your kitchen visited by more people.
So, just add people to keep them coming back.

Having a lot of friends in this game will give you an advantage as you and your friends can send gifts of quick serves each other.
With this quick serves, you can quickly cook or sell food without having to wait it out.
Because of this, jut try to find more people by trying to add their restaurant name.

In addition, having many appliances will get you to level up.
If you have more appliances, you can cook more food at once
As a result, you will have more counters to serve your food, and you will also have more tables and chairs that will make more customers stay in and eat in comfort.

Meanwhile, every time you serve your consumers with food based on their order and keep them smiling, you will get either coins or diamonds, the premium currency of this game


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