How to Earn More Gems Coins in Formula Cartoon All Stars iPhone

Formula Cartoon All-Stars Crazy Cart Racing with Your Favorite Cartoon Network Characters is developed by Cartoon Network in which this game can be said as a funny racing game in 3D environments such as the Candy Kingdom, Regular Show’s Park, Elmore Junior High and many more.

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Early on this game, you will be served with two modes which are Adventure or Tournament.
For the first time here, you can try playing in Adventure that is a little gentler.

Adventure is a kind of the game’s form of story mode which allow you to unlock new sections as you progress.

You will go in the first few races, which are easy enough to master, and you will easily get some coins for free.

After mastering Adventure mode, you can now play in Tournament mode where you can compete with others for gold trophies and coins as well.
Then, you will do some upgrades unlock across the modes while leveling up your characters

In related to the upgrades, it will be based on your skills.
These upgrades can be new wheels, a new base, and a exhaust that you can purchase with coins.

Moreover, you will also be able to use coins to get new characters, which will make you look cool when going for one race to another one
Later on, you must save those coins for the Adventure Time base, as things can get expensive fast

Besides coins, you will also have to collect more gems or diamonds, the premium currency of this game
With enough gems you have got, you can use them to purchase one off nitro boosts during races

Also, you can use them for vehicle upgrades such as the top speed, acceleration, and turbo, in which it does get pretty expensive after you have made a progress.
To collect those gems, you can find them on on the track.

On the the side, you can also get one nitro boost in a race for free.
Once getting it, just save it for when you need the edge in a race.
With this nitro boost, you can use them at critical situation so that you can win the race easily

Meanwhile, you can also get some power ups that you can gain by running over crates in the game.
At this point, you can use power-ups such as missiles that you can use to blast the enemies.

You can also use tomatoes on the racing track power ups to obscure your rival`s vision.
During the race, be sure to always activate shields and magnets power up more often.
These kind of power ups will protects you from attack performed by the enemies
And, using the latter will attract coins for you, that you can use for having new items.


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