How to Earn More Gems Coins in Beast Quest iPhone

Miniclip has presented their newest game, called Beast Quest, a open-world adventure game for ioa and android platforms

beast quest walkthrough ios android

Here, you will take a role as a hero of Avantia, to stop the wizard and rescue all of the creatures there.

Early on the game, you will deal with dire wolves that will pounce at you and try to bite you.
to solve this, you must time your dodge correctly in that you must wait until the pounce is almost over then side step.

In the mean time, you must consider to use your health and potions during the fight with that creature
if you run out of them, just return to your camp site and rest for a small gold fee to restore all of your health.

During the fights, try to scavenge around to search for healing herbs that will heal a small amount of health.
And, you can also top off your health or slowly recover.
At this point, you must try to avoid fights at that time.

Along the way, you will also see mounds with a shiny orb in it.
Just try to tap it to dig it up, that will give you a few gold.
Sometimes, after finding the first piece of the Amulet of Life however, you will be able to find amulet and rune pieces in these mounds.

When fighting against the creature, your shield is useful to block anything, but it takes damage depending on the strength of the attack.
If your shield takes too much damage you must repair it with gold before you can use it again.

Again, your shield is very useful, but you can also try to side stepping attacks toward enemy.
At the same time, you can dodge in the direction of the attack.
So if a monster attacks you from the right, try to step to the right to avoid it.

As usual, this game will feature gold and gems as the main currencies
Here, you can get gold and gems by defeating each enemy of completing each quest

Once getting those currencies, be sure to upgrade your equipment as much as possible
Upgrading your armor will give you more health
Moreover, upgrading your weapon will give you stronger attacks
Then, be sure to upgrade your shield to give it more durability.
Each time you do an upgrade, you will need gold.


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