How to Earn More Gems and Coins in Clash of Warriors Android

Again, one of strategy games has come to android platforms, which is called as Clash of Warriors NinjaPirate developed by pi chenguo where you will be assigned to pick up weapons and make world peace by your own hands.

clash of warriors ninjapirate walkthrough ios android

As usual, this game has also come along with in game currencies which are coins and gems.
Early on this game, you will be provided with few free coins and gems to purchase some items needed for your heroes

Once your heroes are equipped with some advanced weapons, they will be ready to go for fighting against enemies in the battlefield to earn more gold and gems

By completing some missions or goals in this game, you will be rewarded with bonus included in achievements
In line with this, you can get those bonuses from completing instances, reaching new team levels, gears, ranks and etc.

You will also get more rewards by signing up this game daily, but the rewards would be depends on what day of the month you signed in.

Moreover, you will also get cumulative rewards by signing in daily in which when you reached have 5,10,15,20,25 days, you will get those rewards either gold coins or diamonds, the main currencies of this game.

In the first time of your recharge, you will receive Hero Sangy, Upgrade Scroll and Tons of Gold.
Make sure, you log in this game daily to get rewards up to 7 days then you should claim more rewards once you recharge specified amount in Accumulative Recharge.

On the other side, by topping up everyday, you will be rewarded with cool gifts and you will also get gift exchange by entering the Gift CDKEY to get those rewards.

In the leveling contest, if you are included among one of top 10 players of level ranklist, you will get a great rewards.

Also, if you are in one of top 10 players of level ranklist in Combat Power Race, you will also be awarded with a great rewards.

Meanwhile, being one of top 10 players of level ranklist in Hero of the Arena will also gain you a great rewards.
If you become one of top 10 players of level ranklist in Growth Fund, you will gain a great rewards.

In addition, if you really need more Diamonds, you can purchase them in-game with a just few taps in which this game will also come along with a bonus in the package


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