How to Earn More Extra Coins in Gemcrafter Puzzle Journey iPhone

Playmous has made Gemcrafter which is a kind of a fresh approach to the classic match three game
In this game, you to complete all levels and get all the treasure and gain score as high as possible

gemcrafter puzzle journey walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you must always concentrate on the level requirement
This game is not coming with star ratings, where you will merely master each level that you can do by completing the requirements

Here, the score will not a big thing to gain, in which all you will must do is to focus on what you have to do such as removing some gems in same colors, ice blocks or anything that will help you master the level in this game

In the way of gaining high score in this game, try to go for longer matches
In line with this, you can get the floating gem if you can manage 5 gems in a single move
Then, those tiles can be insanely useful in the long run as they can be taken to otherwise blocked areas.

If you want to get a specific amount of points in one level, try to plan your moves in such a way that you will get a match of gems of a level as high as possible.
Green ones may be not good enough in terms of points, but just start matching them and you will slowly go up to the Golden gem that will provide you a bunch of points.
In the mean time, always look at the requirements of the level as well

Once going through the levels, your board will fill up rapidly and you have to plan your strategy better if you want to make it to the next level.
Always check out the board and plan your moves as far into the level as possible whereby you will get stuck thanks to the new gems otherwise.

Furthermore, you will also be allowed to get and use the power-ups for free
When using them for the first time, be sure to stick to them for as long as possible
Anyway, they are extremely helpful, but you should try to only use them as a last resort when nothing else seems to work.
Some of those power ups are also really expensive, so if you use them fewer, you will save your coins.

In addition, this game features gold coins as the main currency that you will have to gather up for helping you accomplish the next levels

To get a bunch of coins in this game, just connect the game with your Facebook account
Doing this will allow you to play against your real life friends, and you can also get a reward of 5 lives and 75 coins.
Also, it will be extremely useful when you run completely out of lives and you can get the rewards


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