How to Earn More Diamonds in Straight Up iPhone

Straight Up is made by Eugeniu Curcudel in which this game is a great, addictive and extremely fast paced game designed specifically for the ios devices

straight up walkthrough ios android

Along with it, this game manages to charm you with its great visuals and amazing gameplay, while also challenging you to perform your best jumps for a better high score and unlock all characters.

All you will do in this game is to jump Straight Up while choosing the right path to make new best score

To perform your action, you will merely tap left or right side of the screen to jump on the next platform.
Stay alert of fake paths which you must avoid to continue jumping

When starting to play this game, be sure to find your route before tapping first and get to the top as fast as possible.
Meanwhile, you can then wait a while to see what the game throws as you which will allow you to keep on choosing the correct route.
To gain high score, you must try to keep on going up on the boards and try not to get back

To jump up in this game, just take your time to reach the top as fast as possible
In the mean time, you can then pause for a moment to see what is the route you must then take.

Always look only at the top of the screen to see what is coming, and play with both hands to jump up fast
You should tap with the thumbs which will be the left one to tap left, and the right one to tap right.

As usual, diamonds are the premium currency of this game
With this diamonds, you can unlock more characters

When trying to get them on the board, you must focus on the boards and keep going, while trying to grab them
Anyway, it will be better to keep going up and collect the diamonds once you have completed the level in one piece


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