How to Earn More Diamonds and High Score in Double Juggle iPhone

Double Juggle from cherrypick games will test your skill to bounce ball on the screen of ios and android phones

double juggle walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to juggle for as long as possible with two paddles.
Sometimes, you end up juggling more balls to where you can go with it as long as you can

The more you can go longer, the more score and diamonds you will get
Besides, you can also play this game online with players around the world for the top score.

In order to gain high score in the game, you will merely tap under the ball to place a paddle underneath it.

Be sure to aim it right, so that the ball will bounce cleanly off of the paddle.
The more you do it, the more balls will appear as you go for longer
Later on, you will then control a maximum of six balls on screen at a time

If you play with two balls going to the same location, just tap under each ball to stay longer.
It is caused by when a paddle is used, it will disappear
And, if you will not tap the second time, the ball will not bounce, which will come to lose the round.

Once going through some stages in the game, you will be rewarded with diamonds and score

If you want to get more diamonds, you can merely watch a video, in which you will get 500 and 900 diamonds per video you have watched at at time.

For further, you can tap the video button again to watch another video to get the coin bonus
So, just play and die until the video icon comes up again

On the other side, you will also be served to like this game on Facebook to get such diamonds
Thus, just tap the like button to earn the diamonds at ease
Moreover, each time you get one point in a level, you will also get one diamond.

After you have collected 3,000 diamonds, you can purchase a new ball which will give you a new appearance while you are playing in new levels or stages

In line with this, higher contrast appearances will make it easier to see each of the balls on the screen
For such reasons, you can easily aim the paddles that you can bounce them up for high score and diamonds.


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