How to Earn More Crystals in Need A Hero Android

Alis Games have presented Need A Hero which is a kind of a puzzle RPG where you will be assigned to complete epic quests and gain amazing treasures then fight against horrible and hilarious monsters in the match three combat and RPG genres

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Later on, you will have to deliver powerful magic spells on your enemies then summon floods, firestorms and even the legendary blazing sword to help you in battles

Furthermore, you can also join the royal tournament to compete with your friends and go through the leagues to become the ultimate tournament champion by winning awesome prizes worthy of a real Hero

When being in the tournaments, you can use a terrible dark portal in the deep forest to fight strange creatures from beyond.

Anyway, all of them are pretty tough with a lot of tricks, so you have to destroy them, then collect cups to compete in the royal tournament.

In this event, you must beat your friends and heroes from across the globe to get your prizes and become the greatest hero ever in this game

Later on, you will be brought to play in 7 leagues in total such as Wooden, Iron, Silver, Gold, Ruby and Diamond.
To enter it, your hero must travel to the deep forest and search for the Dark Portal there.
After finding the Dark Portal, your Hero can go through the leagues and win the Tournament.
Here, your Hero must fight dangerous enemies from beyond the Dark Portal, and gather up trophy cups from them.
At this occasion, your Hero has only a day to advance to the next League.
If your hero will not collect the required amount of cups, it will disappear.
Anyway, The Dark Portal takes some time to recharge after every battle, but the Hero can speed up the recharge by using crystals.

When going to battle with enemies, you can try to gather lots of magic books on the battlefield and destroy them with the Book of Storms in that it will provide you enough rage to strike at tough enemies.

To beat the Minotaur’s daze attack, just wait till this last birdies drop their shield, then you have to tap them.

Be sure to watch your health and you can use a healing potion from the boost selection screen to regenerate your health back fully.

You can use Healing Potions to heal up your hero and continue the fight then come in many sizes for many needs from the help with little bruises to the Mega Healing capable of full body restoration.

On the other side, you can also harvest some ingredients for quests with the Boy and his Donkey as they are always ready to help The Hero in his quest.

Besides, having to collect crystals or gems in this game, you will also be assigned to gather up more stars the you can do by replaying the old stages
In the mean time, just go back to the old stage that you have beaten before then beat some monsters to earn additional stars that you can use to upgrade your equipment at the shop.


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