How to Earn More Crystals in Kreatorian Battle of Champions iPhone

Game Maker has come to the apple store along with its newest game, Kreatorian Battle of Champions where you can travel among the star and find powerful warrior, dragon, robot and demon race.

kreatorian boc walkthrough ios android

You can then enter the epic battle of the universe and fight against army of the dark creator for collecting crystals, as the premium currency of this game.
Then, you must complete the daily event for having some rewards including crystals

Throughout the game, you will also be able to summon over 300 unique champions then you can make your own team strategy because of it.

Besides, you can also create your strategy by arrange 55 champions to the party then challenge other player by join the PvP arena or enter the league
You can also combine follower skill the champion system
Champion will have up to Ten Followers as companions.

Here, your special power will be handy to deal with some enemies but it takes extra stamina when you perform your power skill.
Next, according to your kreation level, you can unlock new follower slot

After your units are ready, you will get involved in PVP Arena where you can learn another player’s combat tactics.

After having tough combat, you should upgrade Rare unit with upgraded Uncommon or even Common unit.
In line with this, common and uncommon unit will need less EXP point than Rare and Epic unit to level up.

Every time you battle with enemies, you will still get score either win or lose Score and you will be ranking to win rewards as well.

Furthermore, you will have to emerge same unit together to raise up level of Chance Skill that will increase chance to do special move.


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