How to Earn More Credits Coins in Instant Hero iPhone

Instant Hero, the debut game from Cybernet Apps Limited has finally been launched on ios and android platforms in which this game is kind of an amazing arcade adventure with an instant hit.

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Anyway, this game is the retro-styled action RPG, where you will be brought to play either Ethel the Valkyrie or Brian the Barbarian
Your mission here is to help them pay off debts incurred to Dave the Shepherd, after they accidentally murder his herd of sheep.

To play this game, you have to launch your character then watch helplessly as you will either level-up enough to beat the screen, or fail and turn into a bag of bones.

Just drag your hero left or right, then release to launch him while avoiding some obstacles then guide him to reach the exit or boss so that your hero can earn more coins ad gems considered as credits, the premium currency of this game

When dealing with enemies scattered on the screen, be sure to keep hitting and raising your attack as you go
If you can deliver your attack higher, you can kill bigger monsters.

In the battle with a boss in this game, your attack will be your defense.
During in the boss battle, you have to time your tap to avoid the boss attack

Every time you can pass through each obstacle of each stage, you will be rewarded with gems and coins
Then, you will fight against boss that will give more coins and gems
After getting through the boss battle, you will be rewarded with loot that you can open to collect some cool items including hats.

All you will do in this game is pretty simple as you merely tap once and watch loads of stuff explode on screen.

Along the game, you can also battle for high-score with your friends and co-workers and other players that accept your Game Center invitation.
Here, you will also be served with some amazingly fun achievements to do.


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