How to Earn More Credits Cash in Nitro Nation Online iPhone

Nitro Nation Online from Osauhing Creative Mobile has offered a racing car game in which this game is all about a competition of the original drag racing game that includes a major multiplayer element, both in racing and in buying, selling, and treating the recent upgrades for your car.

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In this game, you will also have to race for gold cash that will be useful to unlock a whole lot different cars, and ever-expanding list as you get farther into the game.

Similar to the other drag racing games, the timing to get activate nos will be the main point here.
Sometimes, it will be hard to get your car to stay within the correct rev range
For such reasons, you will need time the pushes of the throttle so that the revs fall into the green range just the timer says go.

On the other side, the time of your shifting will be much easier than starting.
At this point, you will really need to shift when throttle is the green range.

Later on, having the perfect shift will determine your success when you are racing with your opponents.
Here, if the engine has a lot more power than your tires can handle, it will spin your tires at ease even when you mail a perfect shift.
At that time, you can try to shift a little bit early and be sure to look to upgrade your tires whenever you can.

When upgrading the parts that you find within the in game store, just make sure to look in the market whenever you run out of good parts to use.
There, you will see new stuff is added daily, both by the developers of the game and by other players looking to buy, sell, or trade apart.

Once seeing the parts that you are searching for, just make sure to look around and compare the statistics of the parts in the market to the parts that you already have equipped on your car.
Also, make sure that exhaust the stuff that is already in your upgrade store first since this is the cheapest and quickest batch of goods.

As usual, this game will come along with credits and coins as the main types of currencies in this game. Coins are the premium type of currency to be used for the good parts
In order to get more these coins, just go through your old parts that you do not need and sell them on the market.

Moreover, you can also earn free coins by giving you like this game on Facebook or follow it on Twitter, or follow the YouTube channel of the developer of this game.

In addition, credits will also be useful to unlock new cars
In line with this, all you will have to do is to race and win in each competition to get more credits. Thus, just make some races to have a chance of getting more credits cash in this game.


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