How to Earn More Coins in Mucho Taco iPhone

Recently, as you may have noticed on the apple store that some tapping or swiping endless games seem to get the most attention from the one who looks for such genre

mucho taco walkthrough ios android

Even though, those endless tapping games compete each other, Noodlecake Studios still launches their new game similar to the genre called Mucho Taco

Mucho Taco can be said as a clicker game where you will make thousands of tacos with the power of the sun tortilla
You will also get a help form Barbacoatl, an enigmatic taco connoisseur to build and manage tasty taco restaurants, along with delicious salsas

On the other words, your main objective in this game is to get as much taco as possible and become the taco master in the game

Anything you will do in this game will lead you to get reward
In line with this, you can get double rewards from Pinatas and Super Pinatas

To get them, all you will do is to watch a limited number of ads
At this point, you can double the rewards when you have got nice ingredients, the boost of Tacos and 2 or more coins.

Always check out your restaurants as the customers drop tacos there
Here, you can easily get 1,000 tacos per run this way and you will get even more as you progress.

When tapping the screen, you can use your two fingers to do that
At the same tine, you can find the perfect rhythm to optimize your swiping speed and use both hands to swipe the screen.

Later on, you will need to get an extra Tacos boost by doing time lapse trick
Here, you will simply go to your device’s settings and set the time forward by the time needed for your shops to close
Afterward, you can go to the game to grab some goodies.

When you are about to upgrade your new restaurants, you have to get the first two restaurants first and upgrade each of them at a time

Besides, you have to collect tacos once you have got the 20k ingredient upgrade
Before making any purchase for the next restaurants, be sure to level up your first two restaurants to level 3 first
Later on, you can get the level 4 grilled beef, and focus on your restaurants at a time

As the main objective said that you must get as much taco as possible, so that you have to manage your restaurants to be as effective as possible
Doing this will get you to gather up passive taco revenue rather than swiping them in multiple ways.


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