How to Earn More Coins in Magic Touch for Hire iPhone

Few days ago, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire from Nitrome is still in the way into mobile platforms
But now this game has been available to download on the apple store and google play

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This game can be said as a new arcade style shape drawing game for the iOS and Android where your heroic wizard fends of an endless supply of monsters who drop in on balloons by drawing the shape on balloons that you can do with just a swiping.

Later on, if you go farther into the game, you will be dealt with more difficult shapes and the faster they drop.

You can play this game as quickly as possible with both fingers, in that it will help speed up your performance in the game.
Doing so will help with the large knights floating in on between three and six balloons.

As usual, this game takes coins as the main currency where you can get them by beating the evil knights.
Once getting enough coins, you can use them to purchase new power-ups.

At first, you will get the first power ups that will cause potions to fall from the sky which slow down time if you can swipe the balloon attached to.
And, some of the other unlockables will generally include potions that can knock out between one and all of the enemy knights from the sky when swiping them.

In the mean time, you can try to scroll past all of the unlockable portions to get to the background advantages.
Again, doing this will help you out without you having to actually do anything, where you will see that the background gunbrick will shoot enemies automatically.

Furthermore, when the slowdown potion comes up on the screen, just let it float around for as long as you can before activating it.
Then, just wait until either a treasure chest comes around or a giant knight hanging from a load of balloons.

On the other side, you can just wait for the play to speed up
Afterward, you can use it to slow the play back down but do not use on in the game, as the slowness will be rather useless.

In the way of collecting a bunch of coins, you can try to make the largest combos that you can
Doing this will also clear out multiple knights at the same time, ad it can load up on the points and coins.

You can make this combo action when popping multiple balloons with just one swipe
It means that you can swipe a shape on multiple balloons at the same time.
This combo will be working on a big knight with multiple balloons
Meanwhile, this also happens when other knights with one balloon apiece are floating around next to him.
So, just make combos as much as possible to rack up your coins and point in this game


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