How to Earn More Coins in Farm Story 2 Winter iPhone

TeamLava Games has brought you to explore a beautiful 3D world to harvest seasonal crops, where you will be allowed to breed animals and discover hidden treasure inside your farm

farm story 2 winter walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will explore the living things, while catching butterflies, fish in the pond, and talking to friendly characters

Later on, you will be allowed to plant and harvest fields of colorful crops and find fresh ingredients then turn them into tasty recipes and delicious goods to become a farming legend

With all ingredients in your farm, you will be able to craft delicious meals in your Kitchen, snacks with your Deep Fryer, or desserts in the Chocolatier
To give your farm a different look, you can try to decorate your farm with a wide assortment of items from the market

On the other side, building up your Farm will get you to carefully balance your management of resources and buildings.
Here, you will consider some elements to build your farm such as Farming, Tending Animals, Crafting Goods, Completing Orders, and Expanding.

Throughout the game, your crops will take a big role to make your farm into gold mine
Anyway, crops, such as Wheat and Corn, can be used in many recipes in which they can also be used to feed your animals.

To plant a crop, all you will do is simply to tap on an empty plot then tap the crops appearing at the bottom of the screen to plant them.
Then, a sickle tool will appear on screen when you see the crops are ready to harvest
To harvest them is simple as you will merely drag the sickle on top of the ready crops to harvest them.
For further, you will get 2 of that crop back for every crop you will plant.
As an illustration, planting 4 Wheat will get you to harvest 8 Wheat.

Except crops, you will need to breed some cute animals in which you will need pens to hold your animals, which are up to 4 animals in a single pen.
Generally, you can purchase animals and pens in the Market, or you can get them by tapping on a pen in which only one kind of animal that will fit in every pen.
To get product from that animals, you must feed them that you can do by tapping on the pen then tapping on their Feed Bag at the bottom of the screen
If you feed animals well in the Feed Mill, Cows will produce Milk and Chickens will produce Eggs.

Furthermore, you can do a crafting of buildings such as the Feed Mill, the Kitchen, the Dairy the Deep Fryer, and more.
Each of them has a different set of recipes that you can create.
In order to craft goods, simply tap on a crafting building, then tap the item you want to make and tap the Craft button to add it to the queue.
Having enough ingredients will queue up multiple goods within a crafting building so that you can make more items at a time.

In this game, you will have to level up your characters and earn more coins with any mean necessary
In line with this, completing deliveries will get you to level up your character and gain coins.
To access delivery, just view the list of available orders by tapping on the Delivery Warehouse.
Then, you can collect, Harvest, and Craft all the required items in a delivery
Afterward, you can then press the ‘Send’ button to send the Delivery Plane to town with your goods.
Next, when your plane goes back to your farm, just tap it to gather coins, experience and Expansion Parts as well.

When being at level 25, you will be able to unlock Train Deliveries where you can use the Train and expand to the Train Station located on the north side of your Farm and Repair it.
When your Train comes in, just tap on the Train Station and choose a difficulty.
If you choose Hard Train Deliveries, they will have more requirements, and higher prizes for completion.
At this point, you will have a limited amount of time to complete the Train Delivery.
Thus, just tap on Goods to load some goods into the Train then get Bronze, Silver, and Gold milestones to earn bonus rewards.

In addition, sending more deliveries will expand your Farm in which Expanding requires Expansion Parts such as Land Deeds, Expansion Permits and Old Maps.
In the way of getting more coins in this game, you can sell your crops to your consumers or neighbors in which you can purchase some items with all your coins you have collected along the game


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