How to Earn More Coins in DDTank iPhone

DDtank Mobile developed by Proficient City is the epic trajectory shooter game designed specially for iOS and Android platforms

ddtank walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will battle against enemies which are controlled by computer
Later on, you will also deal with other players online, where all you will do is use all manner of different weapons and blow each other with your gun.

This game will require a stamina in a battle where all your activities such as movements and equipping power ups will need stamina.
During the game, you must try to avoid getting the ground blown out from under you

And, if you want to move somewhere, just launch yourself somewhere.
Meanwhile, you can also use some power ups as your stamina so that you can it use per turn.

When battling with enemies, try to aim higher than you want to.
Sometimes, you will have to aim lower than you need to, in which it will lead you to hit a berm in front of you rather than hitting the enemy.

At that point, when the aiming meter goes away, just notice where is the exact location of the enemy, in that it is about the degrees and the level of force, so that you can shoot that way once again.

Once you can complete your action, you will be rewarded with coins that you can use to purchase fashions such as stat boosts, equipment and new weapons.

Furthermore, you will also need to upgrade them, that will be handy to battle more in single player or multiplayer modes.

In order to get more coins, you must also complete quests whereby it will earn you rewards and good stuff such as login bonuses.
To access this quest, just tap the quests menu so that you will know what to do or where to go next.

As said earlier, completing quest will earn you a bunch of rewards where you can get synthesizer stones, that you can use to enhance your weapons and equipment in the blacksmith.

In line with this, different stones will add different stats
And, you can even use synthesizer stones to add stat boosts to stat boosts, equipment and new weapons.
Besides, you can also use charms to synth stones so that it will give bigger effect when it is about to increase the fashion items.

On the other side, there is something to do except synthesizing your fashion accessories where you will need coins to do your activities in this game.

With these coins, you can get new weapons, which will be more useful than synthesizing your fashion accessories
Thus, be sure to complete any objectives and quests that will guide you to collect a bunch of coins as rewards


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