How to Earn More Coins in Army Man Toy Wars iPhone

Army Man Toy Wars from gNetop Technology is a kind of an action-packed strategy game mixed with intense strategy action.
In this game, you are a commander, who is in charge of your base and toy troops.

army man toys wars walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will simply command your army man attack enemies and defend your defense line
Later on, you will have to build your camp and boost your military, upgrade your heroes, units and equipment, and build up an unbeatable fortress.

Also, you must use tactics to command your troops and heroes with different formations so that you can beat the evil boss from conquering your base, and beat all enemies for victory and coins.

At the beginning of the game, you will have to build and upgrade different buildings, then expand your base into the most strongest one.
At this point, you can select from 3 different heroes, each with different powers and abilities.

To make your best defense, you must recruit toy soldiers, plan air strikes, build vehicles, and make an experiment concerning with the different technologies as well.

The main key to survive along the game is by constructing buildings, recruiting and upgrading various plastic soldiers, air strikes, and heroes
Also, make sure to build an unbeatable fortress and swipe the evil boss.
Besides, you have to master Toy Warfare by performing the Main Quest that will familiarize you with the basics of developing base and tactics to deploy troops and set your best strategy.

When building some construction, be sure to build coin factory, storage, flag, defense center and more
Building coin factory will give you more coins.
Except building coin factory, you must also build gem mine that will give you 1 Gem every day.

Having storage increases your Coin storage capacity.
Flag will increase your population limit.
Building defense center such as walls can protect your base from incoming attacks
In Legion Base, you are able to connect with other players.

You should also train your hero and strengthen your equipment in Palace of Hero.
Besides, you must also recruit Rifleman, Grenadier, Machine Gunner and Mortarman in barracks then upgrade them in camp.
You can also recruit Recruit Repairman, Anti-Tank Soldier and Bugler in special barracks.

On the other side, Air Base is your airplane hangar where you can plan and coordinate air-strikes.
Having vehicle factory will allow you to recruit Armored Vehicle, Machine Gun Jeep and Missile Truck then you must upgrade them in machine factory.

Be sure to do some upgrade for Repairman, Anti-Tank Soldier and Bugler in special camp
In order to increase the power of your troops, you can make a research concerning the combat technology in battle lab.

Once going through some battles and win each battle, you will be awarded with medals that you can upgrade in hall of honor.
Moreover, every time you get a victory in the battle, you will also get coins or even gems as yuor achievements in this game


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