How to Earn More Coins and Big Points in Surfy iPhone

DreamWalk Mobile has presented a surfing game named Surfy that will take you as a surfer
Here, you can choose from different types of surfboards, and do all sorts of awesome tricks and collect power-ups.

surfy walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will surf the greatest wave in the universe and you should look out for rocks and whales, as well as navigating tropical thunderstorms and launch into space to gain points through the tricks you show off and unlock wicked new boards.
At the same time, you will also earn coins and treasure.

In the way of collecting more coins in this game, you may try to use a slower board and remain on the tube for a longer period of time.
In the mean time, you should work on figure eight patterns and ride through seaweed, as this would let you take it nice and slow as you collect those coins.

During in your surf, be sure to avoid flying fish attacks whereby you have to ride low on the wave, and you will also need to be wary of the possibility of hitting rocks.

When surfing on the air, you must try to catch golden marlins in which you can play with the sound on works to one’s advantage
Anyway, those chirping sounds are a sign that a golden marlin may be approaching, and a sign that you should act quickly to catch one.

In the way of collecting some power ups, getting some of them will be handy, as they will help you ram the helicopter while it is still on your display.
Once getting three direct hits on it, that should take care of the chopper.

Furthermore, when you see the waves are churning and a wipeout in your way, you have to stay on your board and avoid wiping out, that you can do by suing your boosts once you notice that shaking in your screen.

And, combining anti gravity and superspin power ups will increase more spinning ability
Doing this will get you to get more spins and more hangtime when making jumps.

In order to get some points, you have to perform a trick, in which you can do a reversal when jumping, spin clockwise, then counter-clockwise in the same jump.

Anyway, performing The Leap of Faith will be another far-out trick that will get you a lot of points
Also, after getting significantly ahead of the wave, jump backwards.

In addition, if you are looking to jump to outer space, you should time your boost while making your way on a speed ramp
For such reasons, doing this action will allow you to jump as high as Saturn, or you can even reach planets beyond that.


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