How to Earn More Cash in Trial Extreme 4 Android

Deemedya will challenge you to to pump your adrenalin by taking your sport motorcycle and trying to go through difficult tracks full of different obstacles and dangers on more than 70 levels.

trial extreme 4 walkthrough ios android

This game has now available on android and it will soon be launched on iphone
To play this game, you will simply create a unique character, choose from a variety of equipment then accelerate and take off into the air using ramps, as well as jumping over obstacles, doing flips and other tricks.

Once performing some cool actions, you will be rewarded with cash in races
Afterward, you will be able to continue your action to tournaments and in head to head duels.
So, prove yourself as the best extreme rider among your friends and make your way to the top of the world ranking charts in this sport riding bike game

After mastering extreme course in each stage, you will be able to go to extreme tournaments arena where you will race against other riders from your country and around the world to win cash or other amazing rewards.

Except joining extreme tournaments, you can also take part in extreme duels where you will have a chance of making some big bucks and you can also bet against other riders and double your cash.

In order to get more cash, make sure you have sponsorship deals in which you have to prove yourself as top rider when racing against the big guns

With your cash that you have collected along the game, you must do extreme upgrades where you will have to upgrade your bike abilities so that you will improve your performance on track and the look of your bike with the most hardcore stuff available.

You can also customize your rider with tons of awesome gear in swag and make sure those gears will match your style to your abilities.

Also, make sure to upgrade Engine and Wheels as you will need more speed and acceleration so that it will help you have a good jump for certain tracks.

Once you have a new bike, be sure to boost your speed and acceleration through upgrades of Speed twice and do some upgrades for the acceleration.
Just do this until you have a max Speed and max upgrading acceleration.

In the way of earning money all the times, you can get cash through PVP and Tournament.
Anyway, you will not be allowed to earn cash at tournament unless you have the best bike in the game.

In line with this, taking part in PVP will cost entrance fee for at least 1000 at the easiest stage.
Therefore, if you have less than 1000 money, you will not be able to play and earn money through PVP.

In accordance with this money, you will be able to get it through Social that you can do by liking the facebook fan page of the this game that will earn you 2500 cash, and you will get 5000 cash for Connect to Facebook, and you can collect 2500 cash for G+1, then get 5000 cash for connecting to Google Plus, while connecting Connect Twitter will earn you 5000 cash.

Thus, with this cash you have gathered up throughout the stages and social media, you can use it to purchase new, more powerful motorcycles and more upgrades for your bike.


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