How to Earn More Cash in Daytona Rush iPhone

Invictus will take you to control of high-speed racing cars through the endless lane and drive as far as you can for gaining high score in Daytona Rush game.
In this game, you will simply drive, tune, level up and gather up all the various racing cars through 5 series from classic to modern.

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later on this game, you will also be given with some missions to complete
And, every time you complete each mission, you will earn a bar of experience.
Then, when getting three bars, you will level up as well as reaching high enough levels to unlock more powerful cars.

To do this, just try to drive a certain amount of yards in easy and self-explanatory.
Sometimes you will be prompted to drive a specific distance in a single race
And, sometimes it will be cumulative.

For further, you should accomplish overtake # of cars objectives that are exactly like the distance ones. Here, you have to complete them naturally as you must overtake cars every second of the game

In hit # of cars objectives, you can only hit as many cars as your damage gauge allows you to and these objectives are cumulative so you do not have to do it all in one run.

Once having through some races, you have to upgrade your engine that can increase your top speed and reduce fuel consumption.
At this point, the running gear will increase your lane changing speed.
And, body will improve damage resistance.
At this point, you should be prioritizing engine upgrades first as you will need to stay in the game as long as you can to complete those missions

During the race, always stay alert of the red lane, the leftmost lane, and you have to stay in it for longer than just a second will cause an automatic disqualification
So make sure you have a route in and out planned before making your move.

Then, when you see a pit stop, a refueling icon will show up with a ring around it.
If you see the ring disappears, you will arrive at the pit stop.
At this time, you must simply move into the left lane to refuel your car fully

On the other side, staying behind a car will make wind waves appear from it.
Drafting is the terminology of this technique, in that it will allow you to pick up some extra speed so you can overtake your opponents at ease.
When performing this action, you should watch your speed as well

In addition, there are certain cars that wiggle back and forth gently in their lane and they have a black paint job with a red stripe.
If you see such car, you can try to slam into them from any direction, so that you will be able to beat them for having extra cash that you will need to upgrade your cars.


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