How to Earn More Cash and Gold in Battle Alert 2 3D Edition Android

Battle Alert 2 can be categorized into a 3D based ultimate military strategy game with tower defense and RTS mechanisms where you will have to build, protect and upgrade your buildings around your base

battle alert 2 walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will be assigned to build your base and defense and rise a massive army, crush all enemies trying to attack your base.

In the way of invading the opponent`s base, you will have to train your troops first then you can send marines, tanks, terrifying air bombing ships, and other powerful units, while calling missile supports to beat enemy`s force and rule the whole world

This game is multiplayer game, where you can join alliance and cooperative with your friend or other players from all over the world to raid enemies bases and loot the spoils.

Once playing this game for a while, upgrading commander is and important thing to do
In line with this, you can check all your commanders in the commander list with the Bar buildings then click the icon in the upper left corner of every commander.
Afterward, you will notice the information of the commander, then click the Upgrade button into the upgrading interface.
To upgrade the commander, you can consume other commander cards to that you select in that interface.

On the other side, upgrading the Commander Center will give you an access to unlock new buildings and you can also upgrade your existing buildings to get better ones

At first, you can try to build your first building in the building shop by tapping the iron on the left bottom of the base page to open it so that you can see the buildings list.
On the list, you will get 3 types of buildings, that you can update your Commander Center to build more buildings.
Later on, you can simply tap the blank of base page to exit the shop base.
If you notice that there is a number on the shop iron, you can build buildings with corresponding number.

Once building your base with few constructions, you must then upgrade them for even better ones
At this point, look at the up arrow iron in one building in which you can update the building as it meets the requirements of upgrading.
Next, just tap on the buildings and select the iron to upgrade your buildings.
Anyway, those buildings will not work while they are in the upgrading process in that Mines and Oils Pumps will not generate resources and it goes for any building that is in such process

Meanwhile, getting more resources will be necessary to power up your base
According to this, you can get the Uranium resource from the high level enemy.
Besides, if you can join an alliance, you can also get it from the Alliance Battle.
After getting that uranium resources, you can use it when you want to upgrade some high level buildings.

In addition, this game will also feature money cash and gold as the main currencies that you have to gather up along the game
Generally, every time you beat enemies base, you will be rewarded with gold and few cash that you will need to repair or upgrade your buildings in your base

If you want to get bonuses such as gold or even cash, you can connect to a Facebook account, and play this game on your account
Make sure to invite your friends to play this game on Facebook, in which you will also be rewarded with bonuses in form of gold and cash as well


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