How to Earn More Beatbux Coins in BeatNiks iPhone

Harmonix Game has launched BeatNiks as a new virtual pet game on the ios and android markets
Here, all you will do is to feed, play with and raise your pet, then unlock and play all kinds of minigames with them.

beatniks walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you will have to take care of your pet
In line with this, if you see one of its need bubbles dropping down, you will have to fill it back up by performing the action related to the bubble.

Sometimes, you will scrub the walls since your BeatNik is fond of drawing graffiti on them.
You can do this by tapping the drawings that it makes.

Also, you may get your BeatNik hungry, where you must tap the bubble and feed it by tapping the food which you want to feed it
Afterward, you can then drag the food off of the table into its mouth.

If you see beatniks is dirty, just tap that bubble to go to the bath.
In the mean time, just tap all of the pieces of dirt on your BeatNik to remove them.
Be sure to play with it if it is bored to make it happy.

As usual, beatbux or coins can be said as the premium currency of this game
These coins will be useful to get the goods such as new outfits for your BeatNik.

In order to get these coins, all you will do is to play the minigames
Early on the game, you will only have the matching game and the high five game available
By playing minigames, you will get experience points as well, which will be used to unlock more games and other goodies.

Playing in the high five game will earn you coin and experience points
And, it can pull music from your device

At the same times, all you will do is to tap the high fives to the beat of the music
Then, it will roll into another song after it is played, in which you will have to keep going down your playlist until tapping the back button.
After doing this, it will stop and it will earn you rewards.

For further, just check your task list to give you stuff to do
Anyway, completing everything in the game will earn you some type of reward including experience points, beatbux or coins that you can use for useful items in the game.


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