How to Earn Medals in Brothers in Arms 3 Sons of War iPhone

Your brother in arms in the middle of war is everything as you will only rely on them to help you continue your missions and get victory.

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Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War is a new entry of very dynamic and exciting game set in World War II in which this game emphasizes cover shooting, precision combat, and special abilities from your brothers in arms.

In each missions, you will be assigned to accomplish certain objectives that you have to achieve all of the medals and stars at all costs

You will get a three star objectives listed before the beginning of each level.
And, you can get the first star by completing the level, but you will get the next two stars by performing certain activities like maintaining a good accuracy, getting a certain amount of headshots, and more.
Once collecting those stars, you will be able to unlock the proceeding chapters

Getting headshots in this game will be the most challenging objective whereby you must use the snapping crosshair to perform easy headshots
When moving your crosshair over a target, it will snap to either the body or the head of the target.
If it comes to the head, you can take advantage of this for easy headshots.
Every time performing headshot, you will get a bonus 10 XP

At the beginning of the game, you will be accompanied by Jacob Hall, who has an air strike ability.
It can be used every 75 seconds, and it can deliver few bombs in the sensitive area after a short delay.
Using this ability will be good at clearing out a large group on enemies
So, make sure to use it when you really need it

After making progress further through the story missions, you will be able to unlock more brothers for you to bring into the battle zone.
Every of those brothers come with their own unique ability, so check them all out and see which one you want to use to blast enemies at once or to fight against tanks
you can also employ their diverse abilities such as Air Strike, Molotov, Rocket Blast, Mortar Fire and many more.

When spotting enemies, be sure to remain staying under cover as much as you can, then move up if you are sure the coast is clear.
But, when you get ambushed, just wait until the enemies empty their entire clips.
Then, you can lock your crosshair on their heads.
If you see them start to reload, go hurry to come up fast and take your shots to them

Every time, you shoot your weapon, your crosshair will move slightly up due to recoil from the weapon. It will be best to shoot your gun in small bursts with single shots as this will minimize recoil and keep your accuracy high.

In addition, always stay alert of incoming grenades as your enemies sometimes will toss a grenade your way if left alive for too long.
Once they throw a grenade, you will see ring appear above them.
Seeing this, make sure not to fret though, as if the grenade lands near you, you will see a toss back button.
You can tap this button in a quick time and pick up the grenade then send it back to enemies

After going through tough battle with enemies in a mission, you will be rewarded with medals and xp points that you get from shooting enemies
Furthermore, you will have some various missions such as Assault, Sniper, Siege and Stealth which you have to complete for getting more rewards.


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