How to Earn Medallions in Crystal Crusade iPhone

Torus Games has recently launched Crystal Crusade as a new puzzle RPG that you can play both on the iOS and Android platforms.

crystal crusade walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to match crystals to build powerful armies.
Then, you will travel the Queendom and level up your army throughout 100 levels

In this game, you will take a roles as a number of comedic heroes in which you can play with Don Swordinho de la Shielda early on the game

All you will do here is to put an army along the way by making puzzle combos, getting gold, and using your army to beat your rivals and conquering their kingdoms as yours.

When matching crystals, you can make combos that you can do by matching up more than three crystals in a row.

Matching four crystals in a row will make you knock out all crystals on the board.
And, you can try to matching five crystals in a row to knock out two lines, one vertical and one horizontal.

Also, mix a rainbow crystal with another crystal to knock out all of the same-colored crystals.
Plus, you can also mix two rainbow crystals along the way to knock out each crystal on the screen.

Later on, you will also have to level up both your troops and your heroes to level up your stats.
With higher stats, you can beat the enemy armies with less heroes
Or, you can have a better chance to beat high-level armies

This game will require medallions as the premium currency of the game.
Every time, you can complete each level, you will be rewarded with them

Alternatively, you can get them from in-app purchase store screen
Here, all you will do is to watch a video to get medallions for free.

Each time you have watched the first video, you will get five medallions for free
Watching the second video will earn you six medallions
Furthermore, you can watch them to get 1 more medallion over the last video which you have watched.

In order to level up your character, you can use gold coins or medallions
Getting these coins will be the same as getting medallions

As usual, you will merely watch the ad videos for awhile
In the mean time, you can then use the medallions to level up your heroes
On the other side, you can also spend crystals on new spells

During the game, you can track of what troops are assigned to what color combinations.
At this point, you will also get to collect stars in levels

Thus, if you win a level but you do not get any stars, you can then play the level later with higher level heroes


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