How to Earn Many Gems in We Heroes Born to Fight iPhone

We Heroes from ElexTech is a kind of a new RPG specifically designed for the iOS and Android platforms
In this game, you can collect and develop your favorite classic heroes, build your own unique team and engage in Arena showdowns with other players online.

we heroes walkthrough ios android

Here, you are given with a big collection of heroes then you will go to quest through some stages, both single player and multiplayer
In the mean time, you will also build up your cast of heroes to unimaginable strength, as well as using various forms of equipment to upgrade your heroes to the the most strongest ones.

Once completing each stage, you can use a sweep ticket to sweep it
With this, you can beat the stage immediately, in two seconds, and still earn the full rewards that you would have earned for beating the stage normally.

Also, you can sweep multiple different stages to earn the widest variety of equipment.
Moreover, you can sweep higher-difficulty versions of stages that you have already beaten to earn rarer equipment.

Basically, you must go through some levels to gain more experience points that will strengthen your troops
To gain experience levels, you can do it through battling, but also through the various EXP potions that you earn from battles.
Here, you can use soulstones, that will allow you to get new characters and add them to your party.
After getting all of the soulstones for one character, you can summon them
Or, if you already have that character, you can evolve them.

As usual, this game features gold and gems as the main currencies
In the way of getting more gems for free without having to buy them in the in-app purchase store, you can check the events, as there are usually ways to load up there.
You can get gems by registering and posting on the forum.
Sometimes, the developer will give you a chance to earn free currencies and prizes.

In order to get those gems, make sure to check the two wishing chests.
The silver chest will come to more common items and soulstones
And, the gold chest will give you rarer stuff that will give you some gems.
Both of them especially for the gold one will provide you entire characters for free on rare occasions, in which you can skip the entire soulstone requirements.

Every time your player level increases, you can unlock all kinds of new goodies to increase your player level quickly
In line with this, you should complete the last stage that you have beaten or newer stages
Then set the battle on auto especially for older stages.
Once your hero levels increase, you will get some bonuses.
Here, the merchant will allow you to purchase some items, and it will reload its inventory with time
For such reasons, it will make it a far easier job to upgrade your heroes.


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