How to Earn Gold Tics in Clash of Demigods iPhone

Mface International has brought its newest game Clash of Demigods in play store in which this game seems to provide role playing game set in ancient time

clash of demigods walkthrough iphone android

Here, yo will be brought to go to the mystical world of goddess and martial arts where you will have to deal with the devil from conquering the heaven and earth
So it is the time to take charge and protect the balance of the universe at your finger tips.

On the other words, yo will experience first class Cross Realm PVP, naval battle, raid dungeon, etc.
Later on, you can also take part in PVE and PVP as well as battling with your rivals in guild war where you will be served with various type of chariots to make it more challenging

You can play in the tower defense where you will battle with creeps and enemies bosses as well as collecting the loots along the way.

When participating in the naval PVP, you will be brought to the ocean and fight against enemies from the land to the seas.

When in the map of current country, if you are at Level 35 you will be under Newbie Protection mode in which you will not be attacked by others and you cannot attack others

You can get Pet Advance Pill in Mission Award the Bamboo Grove and Hero Trial Dungeon, each round of Bagua quest reward, etc
Also, you can get War Mount Advance Pill in Team-Up Dungeon.

In Deity Spectrum, yo will get full set of Purple Set which is large amount of Permanent Stats.
Completing challenges in the Bamboo Grove will allow you to get Keep-quality Reel and Keep-level Reel

Completing Stow Dungeon for the 1st time will earn you 100 Gold Tics to become a wealthy warrior
Plus, you can gather Enhancement Stone by taking challenge in Demon Temple

In the Chaos Dungeon, you can deposit Gold Coin to challenge.
And once getting your victory, you will get 3x rebates of Gold Tics


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