How to Earn Gold Rubies in Dragon Blaze Android

Dragon Blaze is A card battler RPG which is developed by Gamevil that is launched last February in South Korea, and one of the top-grossing apps since then

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Anyway, this game is a side-scrolling RPG where you are tasked to team up with other players’ heroes to got into battle through dungeons and in boss fights for collecting rewards, rubies and coins.

To perform your action, you will be equipped with some special abilities and items that will be useful to beat enemies in the battlefield.

Here, you will go playing in various game modes namely adventure, raid, arena and labyrinth
Adventure is the basic game mode for you and your party to progress through the game.
Raid will challenge you to battle with bosses in a real time co-op with your friends for good rewards.
Arena is the venue where you can challenge other players to see comes out the best.
Labyrinth will bring you to battle with waves of enemies for big rewards such as gold coins.

When playing this game, you will have to deal with the co-op boss raids, and take part in a PvP arena as well.

Early on this game, you must make your ally to form the strongest party then go to raid bosses in real time with other players around the world challenge other players in the Arena for gold and ruby.

On the other side, you must also gather up some resources such as shoes and tickets that will be handy for your heroes

Shoes are used to start an Adventure and they will recharge over time
You can purchase this item in the shop.

Tickets are used to enter different modes, such as Raid, Labyrinth, and Arena in that it will recharge over time
You can also get this in the shop.

As usual, this game will take gold and ruby as the main currencies of this game
In related to gold, basic currency of the game that you can get them through various Game Modes such as Adventure, Labyrinth, PVP, etc.
You can use gold for many different features such as Enhance, Combine, Summon, etc.

Meanwhile, getting some rubies will be useful to purchase various items in the shop such as Summoning, Shoes, Tickets, Potions, Scrolls, Gold, etc.

Except gold and ruby, there is Friend Points that are sent and received among your friends playing in this game.
You can get this form your friends who are playing this game and you can use it to summon Allies and Equipment at the shop.


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