How to Earn Gold Money Gems in Brave Quest Android

Brave Quest brought by IGG is a kind of a new RPG which is mainly played on android platforms, where you will have to summon mythical Eidolons to the battlefield to beat your foes while crafting and collecting legendary equipment

brave quest walkthrough ios android

This game will come along with eight elements which are generally one strong is against another and other element is weak against another.

Fire, Water, Earth, Air elements are the most commonly ones in Eidos.
Water is strong against Fire
Fire is strong against Earth
Earth is against Air
Air is over Water.

Light, Dark are the elements that can share an unusual relationship.
Here, light aligned can deliver extra damage to Dark-aligned beings and vice-versa.

Arcane is a rare element shrouded in mystery.
And, Study is the elemental alignments of your enemies that can assemble your squads accordingly.
You can customize your squad to suit the challenges ahead in every battle.

Once learning each element, you will now get your hero then summon Eidolons, manage your them, enhance and evolve them, and develop their skills.

You can then concoct potions, forge equipment, and harvest supplies in Homestead that you will need for the adventures ahead.

Then, you will explore The Chaos Gate filled with dungeons, in which each comes with treasures like exp items, evolution materials, Gold, Shards, and more that will be great way to get exclusive Heroes in this game

You will also create potions or new equipment in the Alchemy Labs or Armory in your Homestead
There, you can use materials from your adventures to craft items that you can use in a fight against dungeons in each stage.

Playing through the Campaign and Chaos Gate will bring you to pick up a few Heroes to add to your roster.
You will have to evolve them to be the most powerful ones
Your heroes will get exp by consuming enhancement items or by sacrificing other Heroes so that its stats and skills will increase automatically.

You can also level up new Heroes obtained with Unity Points or Gems.
After a Hero reaches its max level, you can evolve it with special materials, that will be coming to a higher grade

In addition, be sure to take part in each battle as it will be a good way to get gold and gems, the premium currency of this game


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