How to Earn Gold Coins High Score in Meep Virtual Pet Game Android

Frojo Apps has launched Meep Virtual Pet Game which can mainly be played on the android devices recently and it may come to ios soon

meep virtual pet game walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to guide a cute animal to go through areas while collecting gold coins and gain score as high as possible

To get gold coins at fast rate, you can grab them through Beach Ball Game with medium difficulty since some of the Beach Ball are slow and fast but you will need concentrate on your pet to land at the beach balls successfully that will give you more coins and score.

Later on, you can play on stick walking game where you will be able to earn coins at fast rate but the difficulty of this game are too hard to play.

It take some practice to play Stick Walking game, but there are a lot of mini games that are easy and most importantly give you more coins.

Trash Bin Game will also give you a chance to earn coins at very fast rate
This mini game seems to start slow and the difficulty will increase as the time goes by.
When the game starts going hard, you will be able to grab coins very fast but you may also lose the game either.

Piano Game will also provide you gold coins at very fast rate than the other mini games
Anyway, playing this game will be based on your performance.
Here, you will get 30 second time limit to play a single game

Therefore, you will have to do it fast to reach high score and collect a bunch of coins in the mean time

Again, it will rely on your skill to guide your pet as fast as you can while collecting gold coins along the way


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